The limestone cave Tham Klang near Ao Luk

Destination: AoLuk

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Mr.T: Tham Klang is a very amazing cave, one of the "Wonders of Nature" in Thailand
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The cave Tham Klang was discovered only a few years ago. In the beginning only 36 persons per day were allowed in the cave, this number was lately increased to 60 persons. 
Tham Klang is a cave that displays an incredible variety of stalactites (hanging) and stalagmites (standing) creations of growing stones. There are columns, curtains in various colors, so called drinking straws, curly hair of only one to two millimeters diameter, and many more different shapes that are normally not visible in just one cave.
In the village of Ban Klang the "Klang Cave Community Based Tourism" was founded, a grassroots organisation that endeavours to develop the natural attractions of Ban Klang so that they are of value for all villagers.
A most beautiful Cave 
Tham Klang
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